Upcoming Officer Elections


August 18th, Encanto Tavern

In-Person Ballot Drop 6-7pm

or Email Ballot by 7pm


Thank you for your participation in electing your new Del Norte Place Neighborhood Association board members, and a big thank you to the current committee members, block watch captains, advisors and board for your dedication and participation:


President: Destyn Moreno

Acting VP and Member at Large: Shannon Land

Secretary: Ian Cleary

Block Watch Grant Coordinator: Brian Wixom


Historic Preservation Committee: Fran Eyrich, Shannon Land

Welcome Committee: Jeanne Kainec, Destyn Moreno

Block Watch Grant Committee: Brian Wixom, Shannon Land, Destyn Moreno

Website/IT: Ian Cleary, Joel Gillies

95th Birthday Party: Jeanne Kainec, Aaron Land, Shannon Land, Manny Moreno, Destyn Moreno, Carolyn Pela, Nicholas J. Pela, Ken Tebelman, Sharon Torre, Shawn Torre, Lynna Schiller, Randy Schiller

Block Watch Captains

1500 Virginia: Peter Conden/Randy Schiller

1600 Virginia: Fran Eyrich

1500 Wilshire: Manny Moreno

1600 Wilshire: Kelly Blake

1500 Lewis: Paul McGinn

1600 Lewis: Jodie Snyder

1500 Vernon: Joel Gillies

1600 Vernon: Heather Finden

1500/1600 Encanto: Modena Watson

Elections Advisor

Roy Miller

Timeline Reminders:
  • July 18 - 24, 2022 - Election instructions, ballots and candidate bios sent by association email list and hand delivered to each home. Candidate bios officially posted to ND and DNPNA website on behalf of candidates by the current DNPNA board.
  • August 18, 2022 - Elections
  • August 19, 2022 - Newly Elected Officers announced.
  • August 20, 2022 - Transition begins.
  • September 1, 2022 - New board takes office.
  • Disclaimers
  • The candidate bios have been cut and pasted as written. The Del Norte Place Neighborhood Association is not responsible for claims made by the candidates.
  • For full disclosure purposes, candidates Smith are married.
  • A word about Del Norte Place Neighborhood Association as a “volunteer” association:
  • A petition that was circulated in April and May (to select residents) requesting elections stated, "For the last four years, the association has continued as a volunteer-only effort," and "..it is time to reinstitute elections of officers."

    As such, the group that circulated the petition made it clear they no longer wanted a “volunteer” association.

    The current board called a special meeting that took place on May 26th and the majority attending voted to change the process of our association by voting in favor of elections.

    While board members are technically volunteering their time, we have refrained from using the term “volunteer association” regarding the future board so there would be less confusion, especially since any resident could have simply volunteered at any time for any position in the last several years.

    Candidate Withdrawal - Updated Ballot Procedure

    Cari Conden has withdrawn as one of the treasurer candidates for the Del Norte Place Neighborhood Association board elections. The position of treasurer will now be uncontested and will revert to the same instructions that were provided for the uncontested positions of Vice President and Secretary. This means that the treasurer position will also be required to receive 51% of “YES” votes in order for the candidate to win.

    Due to the cost and time required, we will not be providing different ballots. The new instructions for marking the treasurer position are as follows:

    Marking the box for Cari Conden will be a “NO” vote.

    Marking the box for Sharon Torre will be a “YES” vote.

    PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY. DO NOT mark out Cari Conden's name, DO NOT write “YES” or “NO” on the ballot, NOR write any other additional marks.

    All other ballot instructions remain the same. (See below.)

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the board president, Destyn Moreno, at destynmoreno@gmail.com.


    The Del Norte Place Association Board

    Please find Candidate Bios here

    and Ballot with Instructions here